Friday, February 26, 2016

Diagnosis #2 - Conclusive!

I finally saw my OBGYN on Monday for my breast pain. She did detect a cyst in the right breast, but nothing in the left (so primary doctor doesn't fully know what he's talking about). She also said that sometimes this is just a part of aging, which took me back. I mean, I'm 33, but I think like I'm 29. I still feel young. I still feel like I have the world in front of me. Aging? Really?

She prescribed evening primrose oil for me to take twice daily. You can get it at GMC. Or you can send your husband to get it for you, like I did. I've been taking it faithfully and I do see a difference. The "pain" has gone down to just a tenderness and I can work with that. Who knows where it will be by the end of next week (when I will have taken the primrose oil for two weeks)?

In the meantime, sex is back on! X and I haven't been intimate for six weeks and that needs to change. We have nothing to do this weekend and I have great plans for him involving a red lace cami for me and leather straps for him.

Soon I'll give you guys a post on the effects and beauty of aging. Stay tuned!

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