Offbeat Home - Good website for all things alternative in your daily life. They have many good articles on living polyamorous or bondage lifestyles.

Offbeat Bride - The sister site to Offbeat Home. Here you will find weddings and marriage tips of all stripes - poly, gay, straight, bondage, religious...they have everything. Basically, if you're preparing for a wedding or if you just like looking at wedding stuff, you'll love them.

Toys and Furniture

Extreme Restraints -  An excellent site to pick up your props and toys. There are lots and lots of reviews, some of which are helpful, some of which are just pornographic. But still. Highly recommended site if you're looking to stock up.

BDSM Gear - A great site for bondage and sub-dom toys and equipment. Again, some of the reviews are just porn, but they can give you good ideas.

Good Vibrations - A mostly vanilla site with a lot of variety in toys and props. Definitely good for your first foray into sex toys.

Babeland - Another great vanilla site. This one also has a really amazing "How To" and "Tips" section to help you figure things out if you're new to something. And aren't we all new to something?


Emulock - A website to help with caged situations. It lets you administer sessions either as a Wearer or a Holder and send the combination to your safe to each other, letting someone take control of your orgasms. X and I use it when he's on the West Coast and we want to play.


Chester 5000 by Jess Fink - It's a non-speaking, woman-positive, polyamorous webcomic set in the Victorian era featuring sex-robots. I suppose you could technically call it steampunk because it has advanced technology in the Victorian era, but it's not really focused around that and there are no dirigibles. It's just lots of hot sex. With robots. One interesting thing is that, except for a humorous side story, there's no dialogue. There are (written) sound effects, but no dialogue, but Fink still tells a good story. Well done, Fink. Another thing to note is that it doesn't update very often and the strips are short, so if you do want to include this in your routine reading, check it every week or two and not daily. I'd definitely recommend this webcomic. It's cute, it's sweet, it's hot, it has robots, corsets, and tea time. How can that be bad?

Note: Chester 5000 is a completed comic. Some people like that because you can read it from beginning to end and be happy. Other people don't like that because they want ongoing updates and never ending stories. So just FYI, you can read the whole thing and it's over. But it's good.

Oh Joy Sex Toy by Erica Mohn and Matthew Nolan - I can't say enough good things about Oh Joy Sex Toy. Basically, once a week (Tuesdays) they review a new sex toy. They talk about the pros and cons, they illustrate its use, they say if they recommend it. The drawings are friendly and the script is clear. Basically, they do what I do, only better and with pictures. 

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