Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sex Furniture

X has been expressing wishes to get a spanking bench with a mechanical spanking tool. What this is is a padded bench he can kneel on with a built in restraint for his wrists. Essentially, he could set the tool to spank him for a period of time and lock in his own wrists (or I could do it for him) so he's trapped and subject to the abuse until the time is up.

If you want to get sex furniture, there are a lot of factors to consider.
  1. Where will you put it? Sex furniture takes up space. Some of it breaks down for easy storage, but not most of it. You need a secure and warm room with blinds to keep your slave in so you can use it in peace. If you live on your own, like X and I do, a tiny guest bedroom may be the ticket. If you live with a family, you may have to use a walk-in closet or the basement.
  2. How will you explain it? The best solution is to have sex furniture you can break down and put away or furniture with its own room behind a door you can close. Otherwise, your friends and family will see it and wonder what the heck it is. Either they will figure it out for themselves or they will ask. There's only so many things that look like exercise equipment, so be prepared for that. 
  3. How much use will you get out of it? True, X is excited by the idea of being locked up and unable to escape the spanking, but how often is he actually going to be in the mood for that? People want different things at different times and you want furniture that can be used in multiple ways, ideally.
  4. Is it cost-effective? Sure, a spanking bench with a mechanical spanking tool sounds like it could be fun, but is it less fun if I tie him up myself and beat him? Is it more fun to have me involved? 
Sex furniture can be a lot of fun, but it can also be very expensive. Before investing in a piece of furniture that you will have to set up, hide, and move, make sure it's something you will really love for years to come. 

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