Monday, January 11, 2016

Burlesque Club! SAX

I don't tend to frequent strip clubs. I've been to a regular strip club before as well as to Thunder from Down Under (a male stripping organization) and I find them pretty boring on the whole. Plus, I have a dance background, so I tend to be super critical of the routines. This could have been more interesting or this was off time, blah blah. Super critical. So I tend to stay away from them.

For my bachelorette party a few months ago, I wanted to do something kind of sexy and fun, but not a strip club. And I found SAX. SAX is a burlesque club located in Washington, DC. They feature dinner and drinks accompanied by burlesque acts as well as aerial performers (also sexy). Clothes stay on, so it's a PG-13 kind of show, but it's a lot of fun. I'm actually forming a group of people to go back there for my birthday in a couple weeks.

If you're looking for a way to enjoy a sexy show, but you don't want the basic "I just took my shirt off, so be proud of me" or the "glittery g-strings are the way to go" act, I encourage you to look up burlesque shows in your area.  Another term is "cabaret." They're racy, they're a little naughty, but you still feel like a lady/gentleman and not a skeeze. Check it out!

The one complaint I have about it is that, while there is no cover charge, the food and drinks are outrageously priced. I couldn't make it a weekly affair, but for special occasions, sure, why not?  They charge $35 for dinner on weeknights and $50 for weekends (not counting drinks). But you can also stay as long as you want, so it's not such a bad deal. And they have specials for groups. Still, worth checking out.

I'd recommend going to a cabaret or burlesque club for a bachelor/ette party, for a girls'/boys' night out, for a birthday, for an anniversary, for Valentine's Day, or for any other event where you'd like to appreciate the human body. You can google to find events in your area. It's worth the search.

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