Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Review: Leather Strappings with D Rings

Recently X and I added Leather Strappings with D Rings to our toybox. We've only used them once so far, but here's what we think: they're great. We got two 2 foot, two 4 foot, and two 7 foot, all in 1.5 inch width. When we used them, we had X lie on his front with his hands at his sides. I used the 7 footers to go around his biceps and wrist/hip area, then the 4 footers to go around his knees and his ankles.

They're really easy to use. Basically if you can use a D ring belt, you can use these straps. If you don't know how to use a D ring belt, watch this SFW tutorial. You do have to pull them really tight because they'll loosen up just a little bit (but not too much) as your sub struggles. It's basically impossible to pull them TOO tight, so go wild.

X enjoyed the restraint for about a half an hour while I scratched his back and paddled him. Once I/we got bored with it, it was a simple process to get him out of it. They coil up for ease of storage and ease of retrieval.

I wouldn't call them a staple just yet, but if you're not experienced with ropes, I'd say they're definitely good tools to add to your toybox. Insta-bondage. Love it.

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