Thursday, September 3, 2015

Honeymoon Packing

X and I are getting married on Saturday and couldn't be happier. We've planned an amazing two week honeymoon somewhere tropical. We plan to spend time relaxing on the beach, watching the sunset, reading, and having a lot of sex. Because, come on, honeymoon.

So what does a vanilla/chocolate couple pack for a two week romantic getaway? 

-4 leather cuffs and collar
-Mask with gag (leather, gag is removable)
-Spandex mask (no gag)
-locks/keys (to be used with pretty much everything else)
-Sleeves (a set of soft leather sleeves that attach over the back by a leather strap. His arms go in the sleeves, then they get buckled across his front, straight jacket style, leaving him very comfortable and very constricted at once)
-Riding crop, paddle, flogger (not to be used in every encounter, but an excellent spice to a scenario)
-Padded bit gag (a standard gag that buckles around the back of the head, with a soft leather bit, like a horse, for him to bite)
-Condoms, lube (gotta haves)
-Nipple clamps (we use clothes pins. If you have good recommendations for something else, let me know!)

We won't use everything in every sitting, but that combination of easy to pack materials will give us more than enough variety to keep us entertained for two weeks. 

What do you bring on your romantic getaways?

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